Testimonials from some of the various clients we have worked with.

SAAAB through sport also undertook staff training in a series of programmes in terms of Positive Handling of pupils, the trainers were clear in their guidance, practical and hand on demonstrating techniques to support practice in challenging situations. Teachers and teaching assistants enjoyed the training which was no nonsense, and clear in its methodology and the law when supporting children.

Tyrell and his team have recently developed an after school programme supporting parents and children in our community. They work on parent/child relationships and also Health and Fitness. We serve a very diverse multi-cultural community with a range of socio-economic circumstance. The adult and child programme has been hugely successful and has now continued for three terms. Parents are valuing the opportunity to engage with their child/children in a safe environment and they embrace the challenges the programme offers ultimately benefiting family relationships.
Mrs Denise Dalton B.Ed Hons
Headteacher at St Jude’s Church of England Primary School, Wolverhampton
It is with great pleasure that I can recommend Tyrell Simpson as the principal leader of this training programme. He has worked with primary age pupils in a challenging community. He has developed their self-esteem and confidence through a range of team building and physical activities. I have witnessed our pupils develop in self- confidence and control and their own personal discipline has really improved. The pupils do understand boundaries and how their behaviour and attitude can impact on others.
Tyrell arrived at short notice through when a member of my staff had left the day before an Ofsted inspection. His air of calm confidence struck me then and has remained until this day. When working with young people with challenging behaviours this is a tremendous asset to have in a member of staff. The inspection went well and we obtained a “Good” result and Tyrell really contributed to this.

Tyrell is trained in many aspects of understanding how people function, from Solution Focussed therapy, Conflict Resolution, Neuro-linguistic Programming and more. He was in charge of our “Directions” course which was devised in partnership with the prison service and was aimed at developing young people’s ability to analyse themselves and choose better future pathways. This was always successful and led to some deeply effective and humbling dialogues between young people and staff.
Jane Spensley
Director at The Haven School, Stafford
Tyrell has a natural affinity for supporting, challenging and engaging the most hard to reach/vulnerable young people in education. His aptitude for providing high quality provision extends from a personal drive to an established business enterprise, employing a team of dedicated professionals in SAAAB through sport. Tyrell is adept at supporting and improving outcomes for pupils with entrenched patterns of poor behaviour, pupils with social, emotional and mental health issues.

Tyrell understands the most complex and challenging of individuals, he responds intelligently to behaviour and realises that even the most extreme behaviour is a form of communication. He is relentless in his pursuit of developing his own professional practice, reflecting and refining in order to keep up to date with the latest developments. Tyrell is trained in NLP, restorative justice and mediation, solution focus therapy, direction (CBT) and restraint.

Inspectors feedback: The introduction of SAAAB as an additional strand to what the school is able to offer those highly demanding and potentially violent pupils who are at risk of permanent exclusion is both innovative and highly effective as pupils quickly complete the programme and return to their classes.Prior to the involvement of SAAAB the cost of replacing damaged assets was in the £10’s of thousands. Since SAAAB have engaged with a nucleus of disaffected, complex and challenging individuals the cost of replacing damaged assets has significantly reduced.
Adam Price
Executive Head Teacher at Northern House School, Wolverhampton.